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Special Orders

Nytro stocks a multi-million dollar inventory of state-of-the-art products from the top brands in the industry. At the same time we understand it is impossible to stock every item the sport has to offer. That being the case, Nytro can Special Order just about any product you need.


If you wish to purchase a regularly inventoried item and Nytro is out of stock, Nytro is happy to backorder the item for you with a 25% deposit. This puts you first in line when Nytro receives a new shipment. When Nytro receives the item, you will be promptly notified. The remaining balance is charged at the time of pick-up. If the merchandise is to be shipped, Nytro will do so in accordance with our Shipping Policy. If the item is not available in a timely manner, Nytro will refund your deposit or apply it towards another item.


If you wish to purchase a non-inventory item, Nytro is happy to accommodate you but payment in full is required. Once the item is received you will be promptly notified. Your order may be picked up or will be shipped to you in accordance with our shipping policy. All Special Orders of Non-Inventory items are final. No Refunds. No Exceptions.


Important: If you place a Special Order with a future estimated delivery date and are traveling to Nytro to pick up your order, Nytro will do its best to have the product ready for your arrival. However, all delivery dates are subject to change. Nytro is provided these dates by our vendors and Nytro cannot guarantee that Special Orders will be delivered by your travel date. If your merchandise arrives after your travel date, Nytro will ship the product to you in accordance with our Shipping Policy.


For further information and requests on Special Orders, please send an email to info@nytro.com along with any details on the products needed (brand, model, size, color, etc..