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Scott Plasma RC Ultegra Di2 Triathlon Bike

Scott Plasma RC Ultegra Di2 Triathlon Bike

"Color: Black/Yellow","Size: 51"
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Brand: Scott
Article number: 10084585
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The SCOTT Plasma RC was designed to not only be aerodynamically sound, but also to be faster WITH a moving rider on it than without. With Sebastian Kienle racking up a European Championship and a World Championship in Kona in the bikes first year, it is safe to say that the Plasma 5 is a cut above the rest. Next level adjustability, fuel storage and integration make the Plasma 5 not just a bike, but rather a well-oiled machine with one intention and one intention only- the top step.


F01-X230 Parametric Airfoil - The goal is to better control the air flow around the profiles and delay separation of the boundary layer from the tube surfaceäóñ the same effect is generated by the dimples on a golf ball.

Integrated Front and Rear Brakes - The low design and aerodynamic shape ensure compatibility with the front brake cover, while an improved leverage ratio and a rigid construction assure reliable and consistent braking power.

Ergonomic Design - For the Plasma 5, SCOTT took Ergonomic Design to a whole other level.

Fuel Storage Plasma - features a removable divider and sufficient space for up to 8 energy bars. The rubber top cap grants easy access while drain holes at the bottom of the box prevent water accumulation. The solid body shell ensures an optimized airflow while offering enough knee clearance for the rider.

Aero Drink System - features a clip-on connection that ensures a firm fixation to the stem and allows for installation and removal of the bottle in a matter of seconds. The hydration system offers a low-weight body made from dishwasher-safe material with a large filling opening. A smooth bottle-frame intersection lowers aerodynamic drag due to optimized airflow recirculation behind the bottle.

UCI-Compliant - The Plasma 5 frame and fork with both TT and Triathlon stem configurations is fully UCI-compliant. However, the Plasma 5 Aero Drink and the Storage Box have been designed to cover the specific needs of triathletes and are not UCI-compliant.

  • SCOTT Plasma 5:  TT / TRI Geometry
  • Full Ultegra Di2 Groupset
  • Profile Plasma 5 Aeria / Profile T5+Carbon extensions
  • Syncros Race 22 Aero Profile 24 Front / 28 Rear Wheelset
  • Syncros RR1.5 TRI Saddle


GeometryScott Plasma Geometry 



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