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QUINTANA ROO PRsix Dura Ace Di2 Triathlon Bike- Race Wheels
QUINTANA ROO PRsix Dura Ace Di2 Triathlon Bike- Race Wheels QUINTANA ROO PRsix Dura Ace Di2 Triathlon Bike- Race Wheels QUINTANA ROO PRsix Dura Ace Di2 Triathlon Bike- Race Wheels

QUINTANA ROO PRsix Dura Ace Di2 Triathlon Bike- Race Wheels

"Color: Black/Green","Size: 48"
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Quintana Roo PRsix Dura Ace Di2 Race Superbike. The PR Series is QR's premier line of high performance triathlon bikes. From the professional to the elite athlete to those with a goal to finish, the PR series is the best choice to help athletes achieve their personal record (PR).

QR measure variables that are critical to bike development in the SuperBike category. It's more than just a wind-tunnel test. It's comprehending the data and utilizing our knowledge to create a bike that pushes the boundaries of what is possible.


SHIFT+ Technology - QR’s unique “shift” aero design was first introduced in the CD0.1 and further refined in our PR series. Shift + offsets the Static Aero Downtube towards the drive side of the bike thus redirecting the concentrated airflow away from the ‘dirty’ (drive side) to the ‘clean’ side (non-drive side) of the bike. This minimizes drag and makes the drivetrain virtually invisible to the wind. The result is a bike that is more stable and more aerodynamic across a wider range of yaw angles.

Boat Tail Airfoil - Used in ballistics technology and the automobile industry, Boat Tail Airfoils are more stable and more aerodynamic than Kamm Tail airfoils while still maintaining effectiveness over a wider range of yaw angles than traditional airfoil shapes. The boat tail shape reduces swirling air pockets off the back of each aero tube thus reducing drag and stabilizing the bike.

Leading Edge Absent Chainstay - (PRsix & PRfive only)Dramatically increased size and aero profile of the non-drive chainstay to minimize frame flex and maximizes power output while making the bike more aero and stable. This gives athletes the benefit of a sail effect in cross winds.

Static Downtube Orientation - Wind tunnel testing has shown that dropping the downtube as close as possible to the trailing edge of the front wheel improves aerodynamics.

Aerodynamic Storage Systems - QR’s size specific QBox and Top Tube Storage systems are designed to further enhance the Boat Tail Airfoil increasing aerodynamics and stability while providing a quick and convenient location for storage.

  • QR PRsix:  Superbike / 40T Hybrid Composite
  • Available Colors: Orange, Black/Red, Black/Acid, Teal
  • Full Shimano Dura Ace Di2 Groupset
  • Profile Design Aeria Carbon / Profile T4+Carbon extensions
  • Reynolds Strike Carbon Clincher Wheelset
  • ISM PN 2.1 Saddle

Specification subject to change; No actual bike shown, see specs for details





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