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Pear Square Pro Running Train Kit-Ipod Shufle

Pear Square Pro Running Train Kit-Ipod Shufle


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Brand: Pear
Article number: 10033262

Your lightweight, intuitive and intelligent coach - PEAR is a SMART biofeedback training system that uses a wireless heart rate monitor and foot pod to measure your body's response to a workout and delivers real-time coaching to keep you on track towards meeting your goal. Turn on your PEAR, fire up your music and let Training Intelligence do the rest.

Custom Workout Plans - PEAR formulates individual training plans, designed by a team of world-class coaches, based on your age, gender, fitness level, aspirations and the latest training science. PEAR provides the perfect balance of intensity and recovery with real-time coaching for maximum training effect so you get your best results.

Assessment Workout - Before you start a specific plan, PEAR will do an assessment of your heart rate zones, determined by a moderate 20 minute workout. The data gathered will calibrate the PEAR system and ensure PEAR creates workouts that are right for you.

Real-Time Coaching - PEAR constantly monitors you via the wireless heart rate monitor and foot pod, measuring your body's response to a workout and telling you exactly what you need to know. Using interactive audio coaching, PEAR tells you when you're off goal and motivates you to stay on track according to your custom tailored plan. Alongside real-time coaching, PEAR delivers on-demand workout stats--with one push of a button your music fades, and you get heart rate, pace, time and distance without having to look down nor break stride.

PEAR Portal - Get custom tailored training plans and upload your workout results from your PEAR Square One. Your personal PEAR Portal is a motivating and socially interactive on-line platform that allows you to track your progress and record workout details, with the option to share and comment amongst friends. In the PEAR Portal you can select custom tailored training plans from the plan store, upload your workout results and sync with your PEAR Square One device.

Goal Based Training - PEAR supports your personal goal. Whether it's finishing a marathon, crushing your best 5K time, reaching a personal fitness goal or losing 20 pounds-PEAR will coach you to success.

What's in the box

  • PEAR Square One Device
  • PEAR Heart Rate Sensor and Strap
  • PEAR Foot Pod and Lace Clip
  • PEAR Earphones with EarLockby Surefire Retention System
  • USB Cable, Nylon Ripstop Gear Bag
  • Quick Start Guide and Activation Card

*ipod shuffle not included


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