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Bike Services

Nytro Bike Rentals



Nytro's professional bike services

Nytro offers top of the line professional bike servicing. Our expert staff of knowledgeable mechanics will work with you to tune, repair, diagnose problems, and install new products on your bike.


How It Works

  1. Bring your bike into our service department.

  2. One of our service staff members will work with you to determine what needs to be done to your bike and fill out an initial estimate form.

  3. We will then print out a claim receipt for you to use when picking up the bike and will give you a time estimate when the work should be complete (1-3 business days).

  4. Once we begin work on your bike and if it is determined that you will need additional parts, we will contact you via telephone for your approval. Services may be delayed if additional parts need to be ordered from the manufacturer.

  5. Upon competition of your service, our service department will notify you that your bike is ready for pickup.

  6. When picking up your bike, be sure to bring in your claim ticket. Your bike will be given to you only after the service invoice is paid in full.


The Nytro Service Difference

  • Our mechanics have years of industry experience and are experts in building, servicing, and repairing virtually any bicycle on the market – from entry level bikes to state-of-the-art racing machines. To keep abreast of emerging technologies and newly released products, our mechanics attend manufacturer seminars as well as training courses conducted by SRAM, Shimano S-Tech, Park Tools, Barnett, and United Bicycle Institute (UBI). Nytro is an authorized Shimano Service Center.

  • Nytro maintains a significant parts inventory so that the majority of repairs are completed within a few days. For parts not in stock our service department can special order the parts required to complete a repair job from one of our manufacturers or distributor partners.


Service Terms & Policies

  • Any bike left for more than 5 days after service is completed is subject to a $5/day storage fee.

  • If a bike is not picked up for 365 days, Nytro will assume ownership over the bike.

  • Estimated service times are in no way a guarantee and Nytro will not be held accountable if a bike is not ready within the original time estimate.




Performance Bike Tune –  $75.00*

  • Lube and adjust drive train

  • Inspect and adjust front and rear brakes

  • Inspect and tighten axle skewers and bolts

  • Inspect tires and tire pressure

  • Adjust front and rear hubs

  • Inspect and adjust crank arm bolts

  • Inspect and adjust seat clamp bolt and seat binder bolt

  • Inspect and adjust all stem clamp bolts

  • Inspect pedal attachment to crank arms

  • Quick frame clean


Pro Bike Tune – $150.00*

  • Includes Performance Bike Tune PLUS:

  • Thorough cleaning of frame and wheels

  • Removal and thorough cleaning of brake set

  • Removal and thorough cleaning of front and rear derailleurs

  • Removal and thorough cleaning of cassette, chain, and chain rings

  • Inspection and thorough cleaning of crank and bottom bracket

  • Inspection and adjustment of headset

  • Lateral truing of both wheels

  • Inspect and realign derailleur hanger

  • Labor for replacement of cassette included


Complete Bike Overhaul – $225.00*

  • Includes Pro Bike Tune PLUS:

  • Removal and overhaul of headset

  • Thorough cleaning and overhaul of front and rear hubs

  • Removal and overhaul of bottom bracket

  • Labor for replacement of cables, housing, and bar tape included

  • Thorough cleaning and overhaul of both hubs and headset


Nytro Service Plan

[with bike purchase] –$149*  
[without bike purchase] –$199* 

  • Service include [ For 2 Full Years ]

  • Performance Bike Tune  [ Valued at $75 each - 2 each ]

  • Pro Bike Tune  [ Valued at $150 each - 1 each ]

  • Flat Tire Repair  [ Valued at $12 each - 4 each ]

  • 10% Off All Parts  [ With bike tune-ups ]

*Parts not included; installation of tires or tubes not included



For further questions, quotes, and scheduling of Bike Services, please call (800) 697.8007 x 7,
or send an email to service@nytro.com