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Bike Fitting

Bike Fitting


Nytro F.I.S.T Certified Bike Fitting

All of our Road and Triathlon/TT bikes include a FREE professional sizing session that helps determine what brand/model is recommended based on your body mechanics. Our experienced staff is fully F.I.S.T. certified in order to determine your optimal riding position for comfort and performance.

Why Nytro?

  • Fitting by F.I.S.T certified bike fitters (FREE with every bike purchase)

  • Road or Triathlon bike brand and model recommendations.

  • Full custom fit analysis to improve optimal comfort and performance.

  • Full custom fit analysis to improve optimal comfort and performance..

F.I.S.T Bike Fit Pricing 

  • FREE with bikes purchased at Nytro

  • $160.00 per hour (prorated based on actual fit time) with bikes not purchased from Nytro

  • If you are unable to visit our store location, we will happily advise on basic sizing over
    the phone at 800.697.8007 or via email at info@nytro.com.



Submit Your Measurements Online

Using the diagram below and the instructions below carefully record your
measurements in the spaces provided.

 Body Measurements

  1. 1. Height: In your socks or bare feet, stand with your heels against the wall and your feet 8 inches apart. Measure from the floor to the top of your head. A level on the top of your head is useful to take the most accurate measurement.
  2. 2. Inseam: In the same stance place a book, with 1" binding, binding up between your legs and
    firmly against the wall (level). Pull the book firmly up to your crotch (as a saddle would
    be). Measure from the floor to the top edge of the book. Do NOT use your pants inseam
  3. 3. Torso: Measure from the floor to your sternum notch (the notch between the top of your rib
    cage and bottom of your neck).
  4. 4. Thigh (L/R): Measure from the center of the hip pivot to the center of the knee pivot point.
    The pivot will be the highest protruding bone at each joint. This may also be done sitting down.
  5. 5. Arm (L/R): Measure a straight line from the inside of your underarm (just touching your ribs) to the
    web between your thumb and index finger.
  6. 6. Shoulder: Measure your shoulder width by the outside of the bony protrusions at the top of your

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