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Hyburst Straw Lemonade Hydration Box - 30Ct
Hyburst Straw Lemonade Hydration Box - 30Ct

Hyburst Straw Lemonade Hydration Box - 30Ct

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Brand: Hyburst
Article number: 10097207

HYDRA C5 Natural Watermelon Flavor Sports Performance Drink
Power, Strength, and Endurance for Any Sport, Any Time REHYDRATE, REPLENISH, RECOVER.

5 Different Carbs Fire Through 5 Metabolic Pathways

1 - CARBO-PRO Premium Fuel Absorbed Quickly
2 - DEXTROSE Instant Energy, Metabolic Intermediate
3 - EVAPORATED CANE JUICE Immediate Energy
4 - TREHALOSE Rehydrator, Antioxidant
5 - D-RIBOSE Recovery, Enhance ATP levels

Powered by the synergy of 14 powerful, time-tested, proven, safe and effective ingredients HYDRA CS may help optimize performance by:

  • Enabling muscle endurance, strength, and power while speeding recovery**
  • Protecting cells, proteins,& enzymes from stress, and improve performance in heat**
  • Enhancing both aerobic and anaerobic metabolism and helping in fat metabolism**
  • Enhancing electrolyte and water absorption, stimulating muscle glycogen synthesis and inhibiting muscle protein breakdown**
  • And increasing time to exhaustion under conditions of mild dehydration**

TOTAL CAFFEINE (from Green Tea Leaves Extract) per SCOOP is 50mg.

HOW TO USE: Mix 1to 2 scoops I servings of HYDRA C5 in 12 to 16 oz. of water, mix well, and drink it BEFORE, DURING or AFTER any exercise activity to increase power, strength and endurance and enhance recovery. Serving size = 30 grams.

  • 1.0 Lb. / 455 g Pouch
  • Serving size = 30 g


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