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Enve 3.4 Clincher Wheelset - Enve - Shim11 - 700c

Enve 3.4 Clincher Wheelset - Enve - Shim11 - 700c

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Brand: Enve
Article number: 10068460
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The new Smart ENVE System 3.4 are specifically designed as a multi-purpose wheelset that can be used in virtually all weather conditions, terrains and disciplines. The 3.4s, being shallower, offer maximum performance characteristics for professional and novice riders alike in mountainous terrain, or when the wind conditions are too strong for the 6.7s or 8.9s. The 3.4 wheel system is capable of producing very low drag numbers similar to other companyäó»s 50-60mm deep wheels, while creating a higher stability index given its shallower depth. The front rim is 26mm wide and 35mm deep while the rear is 24mm wide and 45mm deep.

The recipe for a fast wheel is no one single element; rather, itäó»s a combination of factors. When you start with in-frame development and blend proven aerodynamics, optimized stability, lightweight, stiffness and durability, the result is a revolutionary wheel design. Introducing the Smart ENVE System.

The Smart ENVE System optimizes the interface between the frame surfaces and the wheels, creating an integrated system. The front and rear wheels interact differently with the air and the rest of the bicycle. Rim shapes are optimized to allow airflow to stay attached at higher yaw angles, thus reducing drag and improving ride performance.

  • The front wheel is wider and shallower to improve stability and reduce drag in any wind condition.
  • The rear wheel is deeper to reduce drag where stability is less affected.
  • Wheels were tested on multiple frame designs in order to produce the maximum drag reduction. The result is a wheel system, which handles predictably, and displays superior drag results when installed in multiple bicycle frame designs.

SES 3.4 Clincher Specs

  • Weight with ENVE hubs: 1542g
  • Rim depth (F/R): 33mm / 45mm
  • Rim width (outer): 26mm / 24mm
  • Hole count: 20 / 24
  • Hubs: Shimano/SRAM 11S


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