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Argon 18

Argon 18 Triathlon Bikes, fastest growning brand at Kona. Now Available at Nytro Multisport : Authorized Online Dealer.


E-119 TRI+

The ultimate triathlon bike, the E-119 Tri+ yields the absolute maximum aerodynamic advantage, like its E-119 Tri counterpart, while boasting an even lighter carbon lay-up


E-119 TRI

With a significant improvement in aerodynamics, the E-119 Tri is the successor to our flagship E-118 Next, a bike that has made its mark on the international IRONMAN™ circuit.


E-117 TRI+

Featuring the perfect symbiosis of lightweight construction, rigidity, handling and comfort, the brand-new E-117 Tri+ was designed to help you give the best of yourself


E-117 TRI

This fast and comfortable triathlon bike is designed to meet the needs of all triathletes—young or old, experienced or novice.



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