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Bodyglide Womens Anti Chafe For Her Balm 1.5oz

Bodyglide Womens Anti Chafe For Her Balm 1.5oz

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Brand: Bodyglide
Article number: 10084358

Women's Bodyglide Anti-Chafe Balm - Protect yourself from dry, chafed skin and rashes that form in hot spots with the women's Bodyglide Anti-Chafe Balm, an all-natural skin protectant that's non-greasy, sweat-resistant, and easy to apply. 1.5 ounces


  • Natural, invisible, non-wet, non-greasy barrier against irritation
  • Ideal for use anywhere on the body: feet, between thighs, in the groin, on arms, legs and the neck, and wherever skin is rubbed by footwear, clothing or skin against skin
  • Durable yet gentle for use in sensitive areas, and in skin folds and creases around breasts, stomach and buttocks
  • High viscosity plant-based ingredients: No oils, lanolin or petroleum
  • Allows you to perspire and your skin to breathe
  • Lasts up to a day


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