Start Gravel Riding Today

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Start Gravel Riding Today

Are you busy but still want to compete in or complete an epic ride as a Gravel Grinder? Here are some tips to start Gravel riding today.

You already have the bike that works 

Your current road bike can be used for an introduction to gravel riding.  All you need are slightly bigger tires.  Continental 28mm Gator Hardshell tires work fine for many dirt roads here in North County San Diego. Some riders have ridden the Belgian Waffle Ride (BWR) on 25mm tires, but this year I rode tubeless 28mm tires and was so glad I did. The term “gravel riding” means riding a road or cyclocross bicycle on adventures which include riding both road and off road.  Unlike many areas of the country, North County of San Diego does not have long stretches of dirt or gravel roads, but it does sport some great off road riding. We have to connect these short to medium lengths of dirt road by riding on pavement. This is where 28mm tires shine. In many cases 28mm tires are the largest tires most road bicycles can run.   Also this size does not slow you down on pavement.  This will allow for exploration of many local dirt roads and trails.

Have you caught the Gravel Riding Fever?

After you have ridden a few gravel rides, it is time to think about a second set of wheels. One wheelset would be paired with your current tires.  The other wheelset would have a more gravel friendly tire.  For example, the aluminum Reynolds Stratus Pro is a great choice.  Weighing in at 1450 grams a pair, they are tubeless ready and can take a beating on the trails.  With two sets of wheels you can optimize your ride time and ride options.

When it is time to get your Gravel Bike?

Until recently a gravel bike was a cyclocross bike with different tires.  The new category of  “endurance bike” with disc brakes has a good compromise of features that allow riding on pavement and dirt.

Perfect gravel bike for Southern California

So, you have a road bike, but you also want the perfect gravel bike. Several manufactures are starting to make gravel specific bikes.  These bikes have hydraulic disc brakes, a lightweight frame, can absorb the rough road and is stable in the dirt. Add electronic di2 shifting and you have the perfect gravel bike. Nytro has that bike

Nytro has that bike

Nytro has two great choices for gravel bikes; the Scott Addict and Cervélo’s C5 & C3.  If your rides are going to be mostly dirt, get the Addict as it allows for a greater tire size. 

Nytro offers several specific gravel models to choose from including the Scott Addict Gravel Disc, Scott Speedster Gravel Disc, or the Cervélo C3 and C5 Series.  The frames are available in carbon or alloy and with a wide range of components.   The Nytro staff can assist you in selecting the right bike for you based on your fit coordinates, budget, and type of riding you will be doing.  All of these bikes are available for test rides so please visit the shop at your convenience.

You can also bring in your current road bike to Nytro and we will check it out to see if it is suitable for gravel riding, looking to see if 25 or 28mm tires are compatible and performing an overall safety inspection (all for free!).  



Scott Addict Gravel 30 DISC

Cervelo C5 DISC Ultegra Di2

Cervélo C5 DISC Ultegra Di2



Cervelo C3 DISC Ultegra Di2

Cervélo C3 DISC Ultegra Di2

Scott Addict Gravel 10 Disc

Scott Addict Gravel 10 DISC


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