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The Cervelo R2

Posted by Nytro Multisport | 07.17.2014

Cervelo R2

The new R2 uses the same frame as the award-winning R3, paired with a more economical fork and its own graphics package. Matched to dependable Shimano RS010 wheels with 23C Vittoria Rubino Pro rubber, and crisp-shifting 11-speed 105 groupset, it’s a combination that delivers everything you’d demand from an affordable road machine: Pro-level performance that includes light weight, exceptional stiffness, instant response and cornering precision.

Carbon Dropouts - Tough, compression-molded dropouts save weight with no sacrifice in strength versus traditional metal dropouts.

Future-Proof Cable Management - Future-Proof Cable Management ensures your frame is compatible with all current and future derailleur and brake systems.

Squoval - A library of shapes that combine the attributes of a square and an oval to achieve an ideal balance of stiffness, weight, and aerodynamics.

Ultra Thin Seat Stays - Shapes and materials can add stiffness where it counts. They can also be designed to take stiffness away from where you don't want it.

Evolved Steerer Design - Different frame designs call for different steerer dimensions. We use the right dimension in the right application.

Reduced-Friction BB Guide - Smooth shifting that is easy to set up is no accident. Designing shifting requires a detailed approach. Small details have a huge impact.

BBright - BBright increases system stiffness and reduces frame weight while allowing for a large range of crank compatibility in a modern press fit system.

Cervelo R2

  1. 1. Lighter, More Aero Frame - Same frame as the Cervelo R3—lighter than most competitors in this price range, and far more aerodynamic.
  2. 2. Stiffer Front End -  Increased head tube stiffness for more precise cornering & handling.
  3. 3. Future-Proof Cable -  Routing Lightweight, interchangeable fittings click into the frame to fit mechanical, electronic, or hydraulic lines, making the R2 fully upgradable…not to mention sleek, smooth, and mechanic-friendly.
  4. 4. Less Drag -  Squoval™ leading edges and corner radii combine with reoriented seat stay ellipses to reduce air drag by > 7 Watts (vs previous R3 generation)
  5. 5. Increased BB stiffness -  8% stiffer at the bottom bracket than the previous-generation R3.

View Cervelo R2 105 specs

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