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Choosing the Correct Zoot Shoes for your Feet

Posted by Charisa Wernick | 05.28.2014

Many athletes have trouble knowing what type of shoe is best for their foot. Stability, Cushioned, Neutral...what exactly do these terms mean and which is right for you? Here's a guide to help you determine what type of running shoe you need.


Neutral or Cushioned shoes are designed for people with high arches. In the Zoot lineup the TT Trainer 2.0, TT Trainer WR and Ultra Kalani are the best shoes for anyone with high arches.

Zoot Neutral or Cushioned shoes

Stability shoes are designed for runners with flatter feet. In the Zoot lineup the best shoes for someone with a flatter foot include the Ovwa 2.0, the Tempo Trainer and the Kane 3.0.

Zoot Stability shoes


In the racing shoe lineup the best shoes for those athletes with high arches include the Kiawe 2.0, the Ultra TT 7.0 or the Race 4.0. Depending on the distance of your race, you may want to select the Ultra TT 7.0 for longer distances, as it has a bit more cushioning.

Zoot racing shoes

When selecting a racing shoe for flatter feet (Stability shoes), the best Zoot shoes include the Tempo 6.0 and the Ovwa 2.0.

Zoot Tempo 6.0 \ Ovwa 2.0.

Zoot racing shoes are designed with a lot of thought put into them to optimize performance. The racing shoes include quick locking laces for a faster transition and a sock liner so they can be worn sockless without creating blisters. The shoes have small holes drilled in the bottom that allow water to drain out of the shoes, keeping feet dry, especially in hotter races where you may be dumping water on your head to keep cool.


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