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CarboPro NSF vs GMO-Free

Posted by Nytro Multisport | 05.22.2014

CARBO-PRO NSF Certified for Sport & Non-GMO vs CARBO-PRO GMO-FREE – Identity Preserved.

SIMILARITIES: Both types of CARBO-PRO are clinically tested complex carbohydrates; Premium fuels formulated to provide simple, clean and efficient calories for Power, Strength and Endurance. Both are GLUTEN FREE, and have NO preservatives, color, dairy, soy, sweeteners or yeast.




CARBO-PRO is the most efficient source of hydration and energy, and offers an easy and effective way to achieve the highest levels of muscle glycogen and maintain that level before, during and after activity. It replenishes muscle glycogen and helps in reducing the use of muscle protein for fuel, sparing vital muscle tissue. It mixes easily in any fluid and its neutral (non-sweet) flavor becomes convenient for consumption with any sports drink or any fluid (water, juice, shake, etc.). Allows you to determine carbohydrate intake and concentration based on intensity and duration of activity. Perfect for carbo-loading and replenishing muscle glycogen. Helps maintain hydration with LOADING because with each gram of stored muscle glycogen, the body also has to store 2.7 grams of water.



CARBO-PRO NSF Certified for Sport, NON- GMO Project Verified 2.0 Lb. / 907 g.

Manufactured from Corn sourced from Europe which has been verified to be NON-GMO by The Non-GMO Project, a non-profit organization, which is a third party verification and labeling for non-GMO (genetically modified organism) food and products. Also, this has the prestigious NSF "Contents Tested and Certified for Sport" certification from NSF® International. As part of this process, NSF conducts product testing of each batch in their own accredited laboratories to ensure that the actual contents of the product match those printed on the label. This product meets the growing demands for NSF Certification from athletes and coaches, of NFL, NHL, NBA and athletes who are frequently drug-tested in Olympics and other world class events.
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CARBO-PRO GMO-FREE Identity Preserved 3.0 Lb. / 1.36 Kg.

Manufactured from corn grown in the USA, which has been certified Identity-Preserved (IP) and has NOT been genetically modified by bioengineering technology. In order to ensure that it is IP and GMO-Free, purchasing is done through contracts with farmers to buy corn which has not been genetically modified by bioengineering technology. Each lot is accompanied by proper IP documentation (signed certificate of handling that the Corn was IP at all times, and a signed certificate of origin listing location, producer, and seed corn brand). The corn is further tested by the ELISA (Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) procedure to screen for bioengineered genetic modifications if any, and PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test method, by independent laboratories to ensure integrity of the production run. This is a quality product with great intrinsic value for athletes. 
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CARBO-PRO GMO-FREE  Identity Preserved  3.0 Lb. / 1.36 Kg.


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