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Home Gear Body Care Anti-Chafing Athletic Ointment (Item #11USKN-AOINT6)

SKIN SAKE Athletic Ointment


Snake Skin Athletic Ointment - Use Skin Sake before or after activity to Protect, Treat, and Soothe: - Chafing, Rashes, Chapping and Turf Burns. Repels Wetness. Apply a thin layer directly to skin. Won't stain clothing. Aloe & Vitamin E Added. Anti-friction Chamois cream.

Soothes, Treats, and Prevents:

  • Chafing
  • Rashes
  • Chapping
  • Burns
  • Turf burns
  • Repels Wetness
  • Apply directly to skin or athletic wear
  • Won't stain clothing
  • Aloe & Vitamin E Added
  • Anti-friction Chamois cream


Great Stuff!!!
Reviewed by: Tri Gal on 06/18/14
I had gotten a sample of this stuff and decided to try it out. I sweat alot unfortunately..and usually I have a nightmare heat rash. But this stuff repels moisture or something. It was great. I plan on buying it and using it again.



Item # 11USKN-AOINT6

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