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Orbea Ordu SSJ 105 Triathlon / Time Trial Bike


Orbea Ordu Silver — Set your goals high
In a race where every second counts, leave nothing to chance. Solid training and the right equipment are what you need to excel. The Ordu Silver is the natural choice for efforts against the clock. With its distinct aerodynamic shaping, the Ordu is speed. It is seconds. It is minutes.

Invisibility to the wind is only one concern for a bicycle meant for competition. The Ordu is also designed to be stiff enough to resist torsional flex when you apply power to the pedals. This twofold efficiency — aerodynamic and power transmission — is what makes it a strategic weapon in the race against the clock. This balance of priorities is what we call AIZonE. And it gives you a bike meant for speed in every way possible. The Ordu Silver is the bike that Mike Creed and his Team Optum teammates use for the race of truth.

To ensure maximum performance, we build the Ordu Silver with our high modulus Silver level carbon fiber. It results in a lightweight frame with the strength and stiffness necessary for competition. We employ Monocoque molding technology to ensure a stronger, more durable bike frame. As it’s built as one piece, the frame structure has fibers running continuously through the all the joints and intersections. This helps distribute the normal stresses throughout each of the tubes, decreasing the chance for failure. It’s also how we can create the distinctive tube shapes. Monocoque allows us the freedom to make a statement with Orbea design.

Orbea integrate drag reduction into every detail on the Ordu. You’ll see that all of the cables route internally, and every tube has been manipulated to minimize the frontal surface area and to smooth airflow over the bike. In addition to being slippery into the wind, the Ordu Silver commands attention with its striking, planar design. Water, asphalt, sweat, wind. Ordu.


  • Optimum stiffness: The power generated by the cyclist is optimally transferred to the development or slide of the rider.
  • Perfect drag coefficient: The impact of the bike cutting through the air is the most balanced on the market.

Note: Bike specification subject to change


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Item # 13UORB-Z684

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