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Home Bike Road Bikes Complete Orca Bronze BLI2 Ultegra Di2 Road Bike (Item #13UORG-AC46-XQ)

Orbea Orca Bronze BLI2 Ultegra Di2 Road Bike


Orca BLI2...Escape to the open road - The Orca Bronze is styled after the Orca Gold and Silver bikes, and its stable, yet responsive road manners make the kinship obvious. It shares many of the same technologies to ensure flawless performance. Its Orbea Bronze carbon uses a blend of intermediate modulus fibers with greater elasticity than the materials in the other two. The result is a silky smooth ride that’s hard to beat. With greater comfort, you’ll be able to ride farther and finish faster.


AIZONE - Aizone was created it because Orca recognized that aerodynamics and rigidity are the two most important parameters to consider when developing fast bicycles. Both of these elements must be optimized to create a bicycle frame that is not only fast, but that can also efficiently transmit your power to the rear wheel. Orca uses Aizone as a guideline that we follow when we develop new bikes. Orca's goal is to reduce the aerodynamic drag without detriment to the stiffness of the frame. The're creating faster, more stable bikes, and these developments ensure that you can go as fast as possible while using a minimum amount of energy.

ATTRACTION - Attraction insulates you from the realities of the road surface. This allows you to ride at peak performance, have more control, and benefit from more traction at all times. When you hit bumps, the compressive forces are converted into shear movement in the distinctive twists and bends on the seatstays. This conversion of forces absorbs energy from the bump force and improves comfort over irregular road surfaces. While Attraction allows you to ride faster and farther, it has no effect on the ability of the rear triangle to transfer your power from the pedals to the pavement. Attraction is where comfort and performance are one.

CARBON GSB - Orca used their experience and know-how to design three carbon categories. They call them Orbea Carbon Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Each is made of a distinct blend of fibers with differing density, elasticity, and strength. Stiffer, high modulus fibers are great for lightweight frames intended for elite competition. And while we're all about performance, we know that comfort is a concern for many riders. That's why part of our grading process looks at vibration absorption qualities. Strength and durability are of paramount importance as well since we offer you a lifetime warranty on Orca bikes.

MONOCOQUE - Monocoque guarantees a carbon structure with optimum performance and long term reliability, and it’s the only way Orca ever done it. We mold the one-piece structures so that each tube is connected to the next, with continuous fibers through each critical juncture. As you ride, your bike will be subjected to a variety of forces – tension, compression, torsion, etc. Orca's monocoque frames allow optimal distribution of these forces over the entire structure because of the perfect fusion of the composite materials.



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Item # 13UORG-AC46-XQ

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