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Nytro's Cannondale road and tri bike Rental fleet

Nytro Bike Rentals
Nytro’s rental fleet is one of the best in all of Southern California. With our expert fitting staff, you will be sure to have one of the best rides of your life. Nytro rents out Cannondale road and triathlon bikes, the CAAD 10 and SLICE 5 respectively. The bicycles are equipped with both Shimano or Ultegra / 105 components, Compact 50/34T cranks, and 12/25 cassettes.

How It Works

  1. Reserve your rental by contacting Nytro in Encinitas at 760.632.0006.

  2. The Sales person will take down your contact information, as well as the size bike(s) you would like to rent, and the date.

  3. You will be asked for the duration of your rental. Nytro offers rentals by the day or week. You will be charged for your first day rental which is non-refundable.

  4. Show up on the day of your rental, and allow for approximately 15-20 Minutes to verify that everything is setup properly, and fit for you.

  5. Before you leave with your rental bike Nytro will take an imprint of your credit card, and you will be asked to sign a waiver. If you are under the age of 18 please make sure that a parent or legal guardian is with you to provide signature and credit card.

  6. Upon return, Nytro will review that the bike is in the same condition as when it left.

  7. Lastly you will be charged for the rental time, any late fees, and any damage fees.



  • $65 / Daily Road Bike (24 hours)

  • $75 / Daily Tri/TT Bike (24 hours)

  • $275 / Weekly Road Bike (7 Days)

  • $315 / Weekly Tri/TT Bike (7 Days)


Rental Terms & Policies

  • The equipment, including the saddles are not interchangeable, as this adds additional wear and the on the bikes.

  • A credit card impression will be taken and signed by the rider as a security deposit for the full value of the bicycle set at $2000. Other equipment rented is also incorporated into this price, such as helmets, gear bags, and pedals.

  • A late fee of $20/day will be included on all rentals that are not returned on time. This fee is in addition to the FULL rental duration.

  • Depending on Bike, $65 or $75 Non Refundable Deposit taken at time of reservation.


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Nytro Bike Rentals