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Cervelo P5 Six Dura Ace Triathlon / Time Trial Bike


The P5  - Revolutionary Aerodynamics
The P5 features the most aerodynamic frameset and aerobars, but speed hasn’t come at the expense of simplicity. Built with non-proprietary components, we have made this bike easy to set up, easy to adjust, and easy to travel with—no more searching out specialty shops on the road or carrying extra tools. It also features an aero hydraulic brake, maximizing speed management with zero maintenance. Last but not least, we made sure it offers the widest possible fit range and innovative hydration and storage solutions. Easy to handle, easy to live with, and easy to push to top speeds. - See more at: http://www.cervelo.com/en/bikes/p-series.html#sthash.4KfcukhL.dpuf

Fast and Fit. The P5 is the most aerodynamic, best-fitting, and best match of stiffness and comfort. The P5 frameset is Cervelo'ss most aerodynamic ever, with skin surfaces tuned for each AeroZoneto optimize airflow conditions at each point along the frame. The result is a time saving of aprox.30-seconds in a 40-kilometer time trial. The P5 also features a BBright bottom bracket for ultimate power transfer and ComfortPly technology which removes unnecessary material to reduce vibration and improve ride quality.

  • New geometry for the perfect fit - Newly engineered geometry developed to accommodate an extensive range of fit coordinates.
  • Advanced layup engineered from project California - ComfortPly removes unnecessary material to reduce vibration and improve ride quality, critical for fresh legs on the run.
  • Fork fits all calipers - A standard center bolt mount is optimized for the Magura hydraulic brake, but accepts any standard brake caliper.
  • AeroZone seatpost - Variable airfoil truncation in the seatpost AeroZone™ is specifically engineered to keep air attached to the rider and frame longer, thus reducing overall drag.
  • Maximized airflow for ultimate speed - Variable airfoil truncation in the seatpost AeroZone™ is specifically engineered to keep air attached to the rider and frame longer, thus reducing overall drag.
  • BBRight Assymetric,Lighter, Stiffer - An exclusive bottom bracket design for an enormous gain in responsiveness and acceleration.

The world's fastest and best-fitting aerobar. The integrated Aduro aerobar has been designed by Cervelo and manufactured by 3T. It features 100% hidden cables that eliminate aero drag and engineered cable paths that minimize bends and maximize shifting performance. With its innovative design, the Aduro can be positioned lower than most existing bars and allows for over 11cm of easy upward adjustment.

  • Adjustable height for the perfect fit - With three macro height settings and 5mm micro adjustments, the P5 is the perfect match to your best aero position
  • Interchangeable and compatible - Featuring interchangeable arm pads, risers and telescoping extensions, the aerobar is also compatible with any shift and brake levers.
  • Hindden for the wind - Because cables can add up to 40 grams of drag when exposed, all cables of the aerobar are 100% hidden, following an ultra low friction cable path.
  • Simply the fastest aerobar ever created - Cervélo CFD-developed, wind tunnel proven — Simply the fastest aerobar ever engineered.
  • The perfect aero match - The P5’s AeroBar matches perfectly with the brake, fork and frame to form a single aerodynamic body for flawless aerodynamic performance.

 Aero by Cervelo, hydraulics by Magura. The P5 brake system is aerodynamically superior to and lighter than any standard caliper or disc brake. The zero-maintenance hydraulic system also provides outstanding modulation and superior stopping power. It includes integrated aero brake levers and an aerodynamic caliper design. And the calipers adjust to fit all wheels, including the newest wide rims. The P5 is the only tri bike in the world featuring a hydraulic brake as OEM equipment in 2012.

  • Aero-matched head tube and cover for aero savings - Consisting of two hollow halves attached to the brake arms, the front brake cover reduces aero drag by approximately 9 grams.
  • Rear brake out of sight - The rear brake of the P5 is hidden below the chainstays under the bottom bracket for ultimate speed.
  • Hydraulic means no maintenance - A self-lubricating hydraulic brake system with mineral oil means you can say goodbye to regular line and cable changes.
  • A brake that brakes fast - Hydraulic performance offers better control, power and modulation to maximize speed management.

Storage & Hydration
Designed for speed and versatility, a full range of sleek and intuitive storage solutions are custom designed for the P5. From an integral bottle cage mount between the aerobar pads, to a Shimano Di2 battery located inside the frame's HiddenPocket, to multiple locations for nutrition, the P5 mates optimal aero locations with ease of access.

  • Hidden pocket for Di2 battery - Cables and battery are completely hidden inside the frame’s Hidden Pocket for an aero improvement of 10-20 grams, and for easy access and service.
  • Smart solution storage - The P5 offers multiple storage options, each one specifically positioned to minimize aero drag, so you’re always ready to race.
  • Hydration, precisely positioned - The P5 features a horizontal standard two-bolt bottle cage between the arms on the aerobar, by far the most aero position.

Bikes and equipment may not be exactly as shown. Specifications subject to change without notice.



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