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Home Nutrition Supplements VO2 Vantage Capsules (Item #SPQT-V02-VANT)

CarboPro VO2 Vantage Capsules


VANTAGE VO2 Max(150 capsules) is a cutting-edge product, and is a unique, clinically profiled blend of safe and effective nutrients that BEAT THE BURN increase energy and endurance during periods of intense and extended activity, during training and competition.
VO2 Max is backed by a wealth of research to support its potent and immediate effects on performance. Its a nutrient dense ergogenic aid that brings immediate results! Ideal for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Its a must to prevent muscle soreness and cramping. It reduces lactic acid build-up,cleanses ammonia burden, thereby enabling intense exercise activity.

Suggested usage As a dietary supplement - take FOUR capsules 30 minutes to 45 minutes before exercise actiity. For PHOSPHATE LOADING, for FOUR to FIVE days leading up to the race, take FOUR capsules of VO2 Max after lunch each day - OR - immediately before going to bed each night.
DURING ACTIVITY: (long training rides/runs or races) Take TWO to THREE capsules of VANTAGE per hour of activity

Use VO2 Max Endurance

  • Optimize the ATP, lactic acid and oxidative energy systems, including the KREB's cycle
  • improve ATP (muscle energy) production
  • delay fatigue and beat the burn
  • spare muscle glycogen
  • prevent the onset of mental fatigue or perceived mental tiredness
  • extend endurance
  • reduce build-up of lactic acid
  • reduce ammonia burden
  • improve oxygen availability/utilization
  • reduce muscle soreness and beat the burn
  • prevent cramping.
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    Item # SPQT-V02-VANT

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