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Home Bike TT & Triathlon Bikes Complete Slice RS Ultegra Triathlon / Time Trial Bike (Item #13UCAN-C13RMS3D)

Cannondale Slice RS Ultegra Triathlon / Time Trial Bike


Cannondale Slice RS is pure unadulterated FAST. based on the concept that Narrow is Aero, everything on the bike, from the radical steererless fork to the windshadow brakes to that crazy looking seat post, is designed to minimize the surface area presented to the wind. It works. Tests show the Slice RS can save up to 20 seconds in 40k compared to our competition. Add in features like our AERO SAVE anti-vibration system, our CFit modular fit system and WindTunnel anti pressure-drag channel, and you’ve got a time-slicing machine that’s as comfortable as it is aero.

In triathlons and time trials, your only challenges are the wind, the road, and your will. With their innovative, wind-cheating designs, stable handling geometry and road-smoothing Aero SAVE features, our Slice RS and Slice bikes are engineered to maximize your advantages over the first two. The will is up to you.

This UCI-legal rocket is built for time-trial specialists or triathletes looking for the absolute fastest way from point A to point b.



NAERO-TEC EXTERNAL STEERER FORK - By moving the fork steerer outside the headtube we could use the smallest headset bearings possible, allowing for an unbelievably narrow headtube and reduced frontal area. The design is also extremely stiff for unmatchably precise handling.

THRU-HEADTUBE INTERNAL CABLES  -T he steerless fork design allows the shift and brake cables to be routed through the top of the stem and into the downtube via an innovative cable stop and guide. This is not only super aero, but also allows the bars to turn freely, eliminating any effect of cable housing on steering.

CFIT MODULAR FIT SYSTEM - The modular bar/armrest adjustment system allows for a huge range of adjustment. The integrated 31.8 stem is adjustable in 1cm increments from 80 to 120mm, while the extension height is adjustable 70mm (and the armrests an additional 25mm) in 5mm increments, using the included spacers and bolts.

WINDSHADOW BRAKES - The integrated brakes are hidden in the windshadow of the fork and bb. The modified V-brake design is simple to adjust and provides tons of stopping power.

NAEROTEC SEATPOST - The thinnest UCI-legal seatpost ever made. It’s tiny frontal area reduces drag and prevents disturbed air from the rider’s legs from interfering with the aero performance of the frame.

WINDTUNNEL PRESSURE-DRAG REDUCTION TUNNEL - The laid back seat tube angle is designed to cover as much of the rear wheel as possible, directing air flow smoothly over the wheel. The WindTunnel channel behind the seat tube reduces the pressure drag caused by air packing up between the spinning wheel and the frame.

AERO SAVE ANTI-VIBRATION SYSTEM - The carbon layup and angled shapes of the AERO SAVE seat stays let them deflect with the Naero plane chainstays to absorb shock, reducing fatigue and enhancing control. The Slice RS boasts the same vertical compliance as our EVO road frame.


  • Narrow cross-sections reduce drag and increase speed.
  • Class-leading lateral stiffness provides efficient power transfer and rock-solid handling.
  • AERO SAVE technology reduces vibration and cuts fatigue.
  • Huge range of stack and reach combinations for a perfect fit.



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Item # 13UCAN-C13RMS3D

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