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Home Nutrition Performance Drinks Powders Orange Powder Drink Mix - 30 Servings (Item #AC07TO06CAN)

Accelerade Orange Powder Drink Mix - 30 Servings


New All Natural Accelerade still contains its patented 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein, but now includes both whey and soy protein which enhances the overall effectiveness of our protein-powered sports drink. Accelerade is a scientifically-proven exercise drink that reduces both muscle - and brain-fatigue! This is, without question, the most effective - and tasty, we might add - sports drink in the world. That means faster, better energy, for your body and mind.

What does Accelerade does for you

Want to know a little secret? Many top athletes will secretly fill their bottles with Accelerade—even if they’re sponsored by another company. It’s true. Professional athletes must perform to put food on the table. And, if it works for them, it will really work foryou. How well, you ask? Why waste money on glorified sugar water. Compared to a conventional sports drink, Accelerade:

  • You will have 29% more endurance.
  • You will rehydrate 40% better.
  • Your muscles will recover 40% faster.
  • You will lower your perceived exertion. (In other words, you rock harder with less effort)



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Item # AC07TO06CAN

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